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Question 1: In August 1582, Ricci arrived at ________, a Portuguese trading post on the South China Sea coast.
MacauEast TimorHong KongPortugal

Question 2: Further travels in China saw Ricci reach Nanjing and ________ in 1595.
NanchangJiangxiYingtanJishui County

Question 3: His journey began in March 1578 from ________, Portugal.

Question 4: [14] During his research he discovered that, in contrast to the cultures of South Asia, Chinese culture was strongly intertwined with ________ values and therefore decided to use existing Chinese concepts to explain Christianity.
ConfucianismHan DynastyConfuciusChinese philosophy

Question 5: Later discovering that Confucian thought was dominant in the Ming Dynasty, Ricci became the first to translate the ________ into a western language, Latin, with assistance from the scholar Xu Guangqi.
Tang DynastyChinese literatureChinese classicsHan Dynasty

Question 6: Townhouse block #14 at ________
Fairfield UniversityFairfield StagsLoyola University MarylandYale University

Question 7: Unfortunately, the manuscript was misplaced in the ________ Archives in Rome, and not re-discovered until 1934.
Society of JesusConventual FranciscansCongregation of the Most Holy RedeemerDominican Order

Question 8: He arrived in ________, a Portuguese Colony, in September 1578, and four years later he was dispatched to China.
Daman and DiuMangaloreMumbaiGoa

Question 9: The work was first published in 1615 in ________ as De Christiana expeditione apud Sinas, and soon was translated to a number of other European languages.
AugsburgKaufbeurenKempten im AllgäuMemmingen

Question 10: Expelled from Zhaoqing in 1589, Ricci managed to obtain permission to relocate to ________ (Shaozhou, in Ricci's account) in the north of the province, and reestablish his mission there.

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