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Matilda of Tuscany: Quiz


Question 1: Henry's control of Rome enabled him to have his choice of pope, ________, consecrated and in turn for this pope to crown Henry as emperor.
Antipope Honorius IIAntipope Benedict XAntipope NovatianAntipope Clement III

Question 2: The two were married in 1053 or 1054 in the church of San Pietro at ________ by Pope Leo IX himself as he returned from a trip to Germany.

Question 3: She was the daughter of Boniface III, ruler of many counties, among them Reggio, Modena, Mantua, ________, and Ferrara.
Desenzano del GardaLonato del GardaBresciaSirmione

Question 4: Some of his allies defeated Matilda at the battle of Volta Mantovana (near ________) in October 1080, and by December the citizens of Lucca, then the capital of Tuscany, had revolted and driven out her ally Bishop Anselm.

Question 5: Henry crossed the ________ that winter, appearing early in 1077 as a barefoot penitent in the snow before the gates of Matilda's ancestral castle of Canossa, where the pope was staying.
HimalayasGeographyJura MountainsAlps

Question 6: Mantua, Modena, ________, and Verona have all been suggested, though scholarly opinion favours Lucca or the nearby castle of Porcari.
CasalmaggioreCremonaCrema, ItalyCalvatone

Question 7: She ordered or commanded successful expeditions against ________ (1101), Parma (1104), Prato (1107) and Mantua (1114).

Question 8: Matilda's death of ________ in 1115 at Bondeno di Roncore marked the end of an era in Italian politics.
Rheumatoid arthritisOsteoarthritisGoutAnkylosing spondylitis

Question 9: She is believed to have commissioned the renowned Ponte della Maddalena where the Via Francigena crosses the river Serchio at Borgo a Mozzano just north of ________.

Question 10: The story of Matilda and Henry IV is the main plot device in ________'s play Enrico IV.
Sinclair LewisHermann HesseLuigi PirandelloBertrand Russell


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