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Question 1: Any model which is not pure white-box contains some ________ that can be used to fit the model to the system it is intended to describe.
Moment (mathematics)ParameterProbability distributionStatistics

Question 2: A slightly more realistic and largely used population growth model is the ________, and its extensions.
Carrying capacityEcologyLogistic regressionLogistic function

Question 3: In a mathematical programming model, if the objective functions and constraints are represented entirely by ________, then the model is regarded as a linear model.
Cubic functionQuartic functionPolynomialLinear equation

Question 4: Thomas Kuhn argues that as science progresses, explanations tend to become more complex before a ________ offers radical simplification.
Scientific revolutionFalsifiabilityParadigm shiftPseudoscience

Question 5: Still, Newton's model is quite sufficient for most ordinary-life situations, that is, as long as particle speeds are well below the ________, and we study macro-particles only.
OpticsSpeed of lightPhotonSun

Question 6: Similarly, in control of a system, engineers can try out different control approaches in ________.
Computer simulationSocial sciencesVideo game genresSimulation

Question 7: Dynamic models typically are represented with ________ or differential equations.
Hypergeometric seriesContinued fractionRecurrence relationGenerating function

Question 8: The values of the variables can be practically anything; real or ________ numbers, boolean values or strings, for example.
Rational numberNatural numberField (mathematics)Integer

Question 9: Similarly, a differential equation is said to be linear if it can be written with linear ________, but it can still have nonlinear expressions in it.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceDerivativeJet (mathematics)Differential operator

Question 10: Eykhoff (1974) defined a mathematical model as 'a representation of the essential aspects of an existing ________ (or a system to be constructed) which presents knowledge of that system in usable form'.
Systems theorySociologySystems scienceSystem

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