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Maternal bond: Quiz


Question 1: The maternal bond is typically the relationship between a ________ and her child.

Question 2: The maternal bond between a human female and her biological child usually begins to develop during pregnancy, with her normally adapting her lifestyle to suit the needs of the developing ________.
InfantPubertyPrenatal developmentAttachment theory

Question 3: ________ is also strongly believed to foster the early post-partum maternal bond, via touch, response, and mutual gazing.
AsthmaInfant formulaBreastfeedingCoeliac disease

Question 4: While it typically occurs due to pregnancy and childbirth, it may also occur between a woman and an unrelated child, such as in ________.
Foster careNuclear familyParentAdoption

Question 5: The process of ________ ideally greatly adds to this bond - though that is not always the case, as every birth and every mother is unique.
Breech birthEctopic pregnancyChildbirthMiscarriage


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