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Question 1: Microtechnology - study of materials and processes and their interaction, allowing microfabrication of structures of micrometric dimensions, such as ________ (MEMS).
SiliconMicroelectromechanical systemsMicrofluidicsEtching (microfabrication)

Question 2: Iron alloyed with various proportions of carbon gives low, mid and ________.
Stainless steelAlloy steelCarbon steelCast iron

Question 3: ________, some ceramics, and many natural materials are amorphous, not possessing any long-range order in their atomic arrangements.
GlassCranberry glassBorosilicate glassMACOR

Question 4: ________ – materials that are derived from and/or used with biological systems.
BacteriaBoneCeramic engineeringBiomaterial

Question 5: These characteristics, taken together and related through the laws of ________, govern a material’s microstructure, and thus its properties.
EntropyThermodynamic equationsStatistical mechanicsThermodynamics

Question 6: ________ display varying degrees of crystallinity, and many are completely non-crystalline.
Polymer chemistryPlasticNylonPolymer

Question 7: See also ________
Near-field scanning optical microscopeMass spectrometryX-ray crystallographyList of materials analysis methods

Question 8: However, modern rheology typically deals with non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, so it is often considered a sub-field of ________.
Continuum mechanicsViscosityClassical mechanicsFluid mechanics

Question 9: ________ – the study of how atoms in a solid fill space, the defects associated with crystal structures such as grain boundaries and dislocations, and the characterization of these structures and their relation to physical properties.
Materials scienceCondensed matter physicsCrystallographyX-ray crystallography

Question 10: Materials science has driven, and been driven by, the development of revolutionary technologies such as plastics, semiconductors, and ________.
BacteriaBiomaterialBoneCeramic engineering


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