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Question 1: Except for most natural blue diamonds, which are semiconductors due to substitutional ________ impurities replacing carbon atoms, diamond is a good electrical insulator.

Question 2: Color enhancement techniques usually involve irradiation, including proton bombardment via cyclotrons; neutron bombardment in the piles of nuclear reactors; and electron bombardment by ________.
High voltageVan de Graaff generatorElectrostatic generatorNikola Tesla

Question 3: The ________ of diamond hardness is carefully considered during diamond cutting.

Question 4: Bort diamonds, found in Brazil, Venezuela, and ________, are the most common type of industrial-grade diamond.

Question 5: Scientists classify diamonds into four main types according to the nature of ________ present.
Crystallographic defectSiliconCrystallographyDislocation

Question 6: About 98% of gem diamonds are type Ia: these diamonds belong to the Cape series, named after the diamond-rich region formerly known as Cape Province in ________, whose deposits are largely Type Ia.
South AfricaMauritiusCanadaSierra Leone

Question 7: Because diamond has such high thermal conductance it is already used in semiconductor manufacture to prevent ________ and other semiconducting materials from overheating.

Question 8: Natural blue or blue-gray diamonds, common for the ________ in Australia, are rich in hydrogen; these diamonds are not semiconductors and it is unclear whether hydrogen is actually responsible for their blue-gray color.
GarnetPerth, Western AustraliaArgyle diamond mineMurowa diamond mine

Question 9: Most diamonds are ________ but extremely efficient thermal conductors.
Electric currentInsulator (electrical)CapacitorTransformer

Question 10: These probes consist of a pair of battery-powered ________ mounted in a fine copper tip.
Resistance thermometerElectric currentThermistorElectrical resistance


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