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Question 1:
When was the Material?
11th century
December 2009
December 2009

Question 2: Sometimes the term "material" is used more narrowly to refer to substances or components with certain physical properties that are used as inputs to production or ________.

Question 3: These can be input into a new cycle of production and finishing processes to create finished materials, ready for distribution, ________, and consumption.
Structural engineeringConstructionBuilding services engineeringCivil engineering

Question 4: In this sense, materials are the parts required to make something else, from ________ and art to stars and computers.

Question 5: An example of a raw material is ________, which is harvested from plants.

Question 6: Steelmaking is another example – raw materials in the form of ________ are mined, refined and processed into steel, a semi-finished material.
Sedimentary exhalative depositsOreHeavy mineral sands ore depositsOre genesis

Question 7: In chemistry materials can be divided into ________ and non-metals.
MetalNoble gasNonmetalHalogen

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