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Question 1: ________ old master prints had begun around the turn of the century, and were extremely popular by the start of the Master of the Playing Cards' career, but were then almost all very crudely executed.
Albrecht DürerWoodcutWoodblock printingPrintmaking

Question 2: Schoyen collection - a ________ with border decorations including motifs from the cards - MS 007
Book of hoursCanonical hoursLiturgical yearBreviary

Question 3: The majority of the set survives in unique impressions, most of which are in the print rooms at ________ and the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.

Question 4: Possibly the Master was in Mainz and was influenced by ________'s movable type.
IncunablePrintingJohannes GutenbergPrinting press

Question 5: Engraved sets of cards are few; they must have been much more expensive than those made in ________, which can be printed in much greater numbers before the matrix wears out.
Old master printPrintmakingWoodcutWoodblock printing

Question 6: The Master's other works are mostly religious and some are relatively large for very early engravings; these were intended mainly for insertion as illustrations into ________ devotional books.
PapyrusManuscriptManuscript cultureLibrary

Question 7: It has long been recognised that his style was closely related to that of paintings from south-western ________ and Switzerland in the period 1430-50, by artists of whom the best known is Konrad Witz.

Question 8: The Master of the Playing Cards was the first major master in the history of ________.
WoodcutVisual artsIntaglio (printmaking)Printmaking


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