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Master of Arts (Oxbridge and Dublin): Quiz


Question 1: [14][15] In the ________ a Master of Arts enjoys precedence, standing, and rank before all doctors, masters, and bachelors of the university who are not Masters of Arts, apart from Doctors of Divinity and Doctors of Civil Law.
Oxford Brookes UniversityUniversity of SouthamptonUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Cambridge

Question 2: These were originally important decision-making bodies, approving changes to the statutes of the universities and electing various officials, including the two ________ for each university.
BicameralismMember of ParliamentParliamentary systemUnicameralism

Question 3: Today, the main role of Convocation and Senate is the election of the Chancellor of each university; the Professor of Poetry at Oxford; and, at Dublin, senators to the Dublin University constituency of Seanad Éireann, the upper house of the Irish ________.
OireachtasCortes GeneralesNational Assembly for WalesHellenic Parliament

Question 4: The ________, in the mid-19th century, broke away from the ancient model by considering the MA to be a higher degree distinct from the initial degree.
London Metropolitan UniversityImperial College LondonCity University LondonUniversity of London

Question 5: In the ________, the degree is awarded as a first degree to undergraduates in certain subjects (see Master of Arts (Scotland)).
Ancient universities of ScotlandAncient universityUniversity of St AndrewsUniversity of Aberdeen

Question 6: At Oxford, until 1998 the ________ only had the power to discipline "junior members" (those who had not been admitted to membership of Convocation), which meant that any graduate student who had incepted as an MA was immune from their authority.
Admiralty courtEnglandProctorEquity (law)

Question 7: In the ________ the baccalaureate was granted soon after responsions (the examination for matriculation), whereas in Oxford and Cambridge the bachelor's degree was postponed to a much later stage, and gradually developed a greater significance.
University of HeidelbergMedieval universityUniversity of Paris 1 Pantheon-SorbonneUniversity of Paris

Question 8: (It may be noted that the school-leaving certificate in ________ today is known as the baccalaureate.)
FranceUnited KingdomCanadaItaly

Question 9: The shortening of the degree course reflects the fact that much of the teaching of the liberal arts was taken over by ________, and undergraduates now enter university at a much older age (17 or 18).
Private schoolCollegeGrammar schoolPublic school (privately funded)


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