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Master Chief Petty Officer: Quiz


Question 1: In the 2000 film Men of Honor, the character Leslie William "Billy" Sunday (portrayed by ________) is a U.S.
Robert De Niro filmographyAcademy Award for Best ActorRobert De NiroAcademy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Question 2: This film is based on real life events of ________, the first black man to be accepted into the salvage divers school and eventually earning the rank of Master Chief in his own right.
1966 Palomares B-52 crashB-52 StratofortressCarl BrashearUSS Hoist (ARS-40)

Question 3: Petty Officers of all grades possess both a rate (the enlisted term for rank) and rating (job, similar to a ________ (MOS) in other branches).
United States Coast Guard enlisted rate insigniaUnited States military occupation codesUnited States Marine Corps rank insigniaUnited States Army

Question 4: In the 1997 film, G.I. Jane, the U.S. Navy SEAL in charge of training the recruits is Command Master Chief John Urgayle, played by ________.
Ian McKellenSean PennDenmarkViggo Mortensen

Question 5: Advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer is similar to that of ________ and Senior Chief Petty Officer.
Chief Petty OfficerStaff SergeantCorporalLance Corporal


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