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Question 1: From the mid 1990s racing yachts introduced the use of ________ and other composite materials to construct masts with even better strength-to-weight ratios.
AsbestosCarbon fiberAramidNylon

Question 2: On square-rigged vessels, each mast carries several horizontal yards from which the individual sails are ________.
Fore-and-aft rigSail-planRiggingFull rigged ship

Question 3: In the 1930s aluminium masts were introduced on large ________.
12-metre classJ/22J-class yachtSoling

Question 4: Most types of ships with two masts would have a main-mast and a smaller mizzen-mast, although both ________ and two-masted schooners instead carry a fore-mast and main-mast.
Full rigged shipBrigGaff rigFore-and-aft rig

Question 5: After the ________, extruded aluminium masts became common on all dinghies and smaller yachts.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupations

Question 6: Bonaventure mizzen: the fourth mast on larger Sixteenth Century galleons, typically ________-rigged and shorter than the main mizzen.
LateenFore-and-aft rigSail-planGunter

Question 7: Modern masts form the leading edge of a sail's ________ and tend to have a teardrop-shaped cross-section.
Wingtip deviceLift (force)AirfoilStall (flight)

Question 8: The mast of a sailing ship is a tall, vertical, or near vertical, spar, or arrangement of spars, which supports the ________.
SailSail-planFore-and-aft rigGunter


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