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Question 1: John White (1575–1648) of Dorchester, in the English county of ________.
PooleDorsetSomersetWeymouth, Dorset

Question 2: Cambridge (Newtowne) - 1630 (near ________)
Harvard (MBTA station)Massachusetts Bay Transportation AuthorityBostonHarvard Square

Question 3: Secondly, out of the free [people]."[13] Indeed, the first person to be executed in the colony was Margaret Jones, a female physician accused of being a "________".
WitchcraftContemporary witchcraftWitch-cult hypothesisStregheria

Question 4: The area is now in the Commonwealth of ________, one of the 50 United States of America.
MassachusettsMaineRhode IslandConnecticut

Question 5: Most, but not all of the members of the Company were ________, and events during the spring and summer of 1629 convinced them that many others would be attracted to such a colony.
English ReformationPuritanPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)England

Question 6: The Plymouth Company under the guidance of Sir Ferdinando Gorges covered the more northern area, including present-day New England, and established the ________ in 1607 in present-day Maine.
United StatesPhippsburg, MaineBermudaPopham Colony

Question 7: In November 1620, a group of separatist Pilgrims famously established ________.
Plymouth, MassachusettsPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)WampanoagPlymouth Colony

Question 8: Meanwhile, Archbishop ________, a favorite adviser of Charles, tried to eliminate the religious practices of Puritans in England.
DunstanWilliam LaudEdmund GrindalMellitus

Question 9: In 1689, the Dominion was dissolved with the overthrow of the king via the ________.
Magna CartaEnglandMonarchGlorious Revolution

Question 10: Weymouth (Wessagusset) - 1622 as part of ________; part of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630
Plymouth ColonyPlymouth, MassachusettsPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)Wampanoag

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