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Mass versus weight: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ (SI), the kilogram is the unit of mass, and the newton is the unit of force.
Systems of measurementInternational System of UnitsMetric systemConversion of units

Question 2: In the physical sciences, ________ and weight are different properties.
General relativityClassical mechanicsForceMass

Question 3: This means that objects with precisely the same mass but with different ________ displace different volumes and therefore have different buoyancies and weights.

Question 4: [5] In ________ however, mass standards are calibrated with extreme accuracy, so air density must be taken into account to allow for buoyancy effects.

Question 5: Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in the body while weight is a measure of the ________ on the object caused by a gravitational field.
Classical mechanicsPhysicsEnergyForce

Question 6: However, mass is actually an inertial property; that is, the tendency of an object to remain at constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside ________.
EnergyClassical mechanicsPhysicsForce

Question 7: Inertia is sensed when a ________ is pushed horizontally on a level, smooth surface.
Bowling pinBowling ballTen-pin bowlingWTBA World Tenpin Bowling Championships

Question 8: Before the late twentieth century, this distinction was not as strictly applied, even in technical writing, so that expressions such as “molecular weight” (for ________) are still seen.
Molecular massAtomic massHydrogenDeuterium


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