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Question 1: During the ________ simple mass production techniques were used at the Portsmouth Block Mills to manufacture ships' pulley blocks for the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.
Textile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionWilliam RadcliffeIndustrial RevolutionThomas Highs

Question 2: De Tocqueville wrote in his Democracy in America (1835) that "The absence in the United States of those vast accumulations of ________ which favor the expenditures of large sums on articles of mere luxury...
JapanWealthDeveloped countryUnited Kingdom

Question 3: The Venice Arsenal apparently produced nearly one ship every day, in what was effectively the world's first ________ which, at its height, employed 16,000 people.
Industrial RevolutionFactoryManchesterBirmingham

Question 4: Mass production systems are usually organized into ________.
ManufacturingEngineeringTransportAssembly line

Question 5: Mass production in the publishing industry has been commonplace since ________'s Bible was published using a printing press in the mid-1400s.
IncunableGermanyMovable typeJohannes Gutenberg

Question 6: During the ________ the Springfield Armory started to mass produce guns, using interchangeable parts on a large scale.
American Civil WarBleeding KansasUnited StatesTennessee

Question 7: While the preceding American system of manufacturing relied on ________, mass production factories were electrified and used sophisticated machinery.
Reciprocating engineHeat engineSteam engineStirling engine

Question 8: However, the machinery that is needed to set up a mass production line (such as robots and ________) is so expensive that there must be some assurance that the product is to be successful to attain profits.
Machine pressForgingMetalworkingMetalworking terminology

Question 9: It is also usually ________ to the highest extent possible.
Process controlArtificial intelligenceDistributed control systemAutomation

Question 10: French political thinker and historian ________ identified one of the key reasons mass production was able to succeed so quickly in America, namely that of the homogeneous consumer base.
François GuizotVictor, 3rd duc de BroglieAlexis de TocquevilleAdolphe Thiers

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