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Mass noun: Quiz


Question 1: There is often confusion about the two different concepts of ________ and mass noun.
Auxiliary verbClusivityPreposition and postpositionCollective noun

Question 2: Regardless, this usage is frowned upon in formal writing, and is typically considered an idiosyncratic, rather than ________, variation.
Dialect continuumEnglish languageGerman languageDialect

Question 3: Examples of this include ________ like committee.
Auxiliary verbPreposition and postpositionClusivityCollective noun

Question 4: Conversely, "________" is generally a mass noun, but "a fire" refers to a discrete entity, and does not satisfy the criterion for cumulative reference.

Question 5: In ________, a mass noun (also uncountable noun or non-count noun) is a common noun that presents entities as an unbounded mass.

Question 6: In some languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, all nouns are effectively mass nouns, requiring a ________ to be quantified.
ClusivityClassifier (linguistics)Measure wordGender-neutral pronoun

Question 7: Some words, including "________" and "physics", have developed true mass-noun senses despite having grown from count-noun roots.
Set theoryMathematicsMathematical logicGeometry


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