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Question 1: Toward the end of the 20th century, the advent of the ________ marked the first era in which most individuals could have a means of exposure on a scale comparable to that of mass media.
NetscapeHTMLWorld Wide WebInternet

Question 2: The most recent developments have been in ________.
LaptopDigital audio playerPortable media playerPersonal computer

Question 3: Flickering between frames is not seen due to an effect known as ________ — whereby the eye retains a visual image for a fraction of a second after the source has been removed.
FilmPersistence of visionMovie projectorNTSC

Question 4: ________ is the art and science of managing communication between an organization and its key publics to build, manage and sustain its positive image.
Citizen journalismBlogPublic relationsMedia bias

Question 5: In the 20th century, these were mainly used for ________.
Musical notationMusicClassical musicMusic theory

Question 6: Although the origins of music videos go back much further, they came into their own in the 1980s, when ________'s format was based around them.

Question 7: Mobile phones were introduced in ________ in 1979 but became a mass media only in 1998 when the first downloadable ringing tones were introduced in Finland.
JapanCambodiaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Types of ________ in numerous cultures were probably the first mass-media, going back into the Ancient World.

Question 9:
________, one of the biggest critics in media's history, brought up the idea that "the medium is the message."
Marshall McLuhanRhetoricThe Gutenberg GalaxyEngland

Question 10: In some companies, two or all three of these roles may be combined (and indeed, may reside in a single person, especially in the case of ________).
MalwareSpywareProprietary softwareShareware


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