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Question 1: Masonry ovens are generally built with fire-resistant materials like firebrick or clay, or even directly cast from refractory ________.
ConcreteFly ashPortland cementCement

Question 2: In the precolumbian Americas, similar ovens were often made of clay or ________ and are sometimes referred to by the Spanish term horno (meaning "oven").
AdobeCob (material)Natural buildingRammed earth

Question 3: Such ovens became popular in the Americas during the colonial era and are still in wide use in artisanal bakeries and pizzerias, as well as some restaurants featuring ________ and baked dishes.
Italian-American cuisinePizzaBreadBreakfast

Question 4: The traditional direct-fired masonry design is often called a "Roman" or "black" oven and dates in Western culture to at least the ________.
Roman RepublicClassical antiquityRoman EmpireAncient Rome

Question 5:
Masonry oven, Barbecue and Grilling are all:
Masonry Baking Cooking appliances Barbecue

Question 6:
Masonry oven, Barbecue and Saccharomyces cerevisiae are all:
Masonry Cooking appliances Barbecue Baking

Question 7: Masonry ovens are used in the ________ for the preparation of the traditional khubz bread.
Indian OceanPersian GulfCaspian SeaAtlantic Ocean

Question 8: A masonry oven, colloquially known as a brick oven or stone oven, is an oven consisting of a baking chamber made of fireproof ________, concrete, stone, or clay.

Question 9:
Masonry oven, Concrete and Castle are all:
Baking Cooking appliances Barbecue Masonry

Question 10: Though traditionally wood-fired, ________-fired ovens were common in the 19th century and modern masonry ovens are often fired with natural gas or even electricity.
Grid energy storageWind powerHydroelectricityCoal


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