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Masculinity: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Anti-intellectualismFascism and ideologyModel of masculinity under fascist ItalyFascism

Question 2:
Masculinity, Man and Metrosexual are all:
Sociology Gender Men All pages needing cleanup

Question 3:
Masculinity, Population and Sociology are all:
Sociology Men Gender All pages needing cleanup

Question 4: Ancient ________ goes back to about 3000 BC.

Question 5: International Men's Day (19 November: Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, ________, India, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malta, South Africa, Hungary, Ireland, Ghana, and Canada)
The BahamasAustraliaBarbadosBelize

Question 6: For instance the commercial will show men who do physical labor such as construction workers, or farm work, or men who are ________.
American Old WestCowboyEquestrianismUnited States

Question 7: Among men, some non-standard behaviors may be considered a sign of ________.
LesbianBisexualityHomosexualitySexual orientation

Question 8: Reasons men give for not having annual physicals and not visiting their physician include fear, ________, embarrassment, a dislike of situations out of their control, or not worth the time or cost.
Cognitive distortionMinimisation (psychology)Passive–aggressive behaviorDenial

Question 9: Scholars suggest ________ and equality as masculine values in male-male relationships,[5] and virility in male-female relationships.
Scientific methodVirtueIntegrityTruth

Question 10: Men are more likely to be diagnosed in a later stage of a ________ because of their reluctance to go to the doctor.
End-of-life careTerminal illnessGriefAutopsy

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