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Question 1: He was a founding member and onetime leader of the ________.
Communist Party of ItalyItalian Socialist PartyChristian Democracy (Italy, historical)Italian Communist Party

Question 2:
When did Joseph Stalin's term start?
June 2008

Question 3: ________ Society: a development of tribal progression to city-state; Aristocracy is born.
Universal suffrageAntisemitismRacismSlavery

Question 4: Many parties in the second half of the 19th century described themselves as social democratic, such as the British Social Democratic Federation, and the ________.
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyKyiv Bilshovyk UprisingTsentralna RadaSocialist-Revolutionary Party

Question 5: Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism as advocated by ________.
Leon TrotskyEduard ShevardnadzeVyacheslav MolotovChristian Rakovsky

Question 6: Post-Marxism represents the theoretical work of ________ and social theorists who have built their theories upon those of Marx and Marxists but exceeded the limits of those theories in ways that puts them outside of Marxism.
David HumePhilosophyAristotlePolitical philosophy

Question 7: ________: those who “own the means of production” and buy labour power from the proletariat, thus exploiting the proletariat; they subdivide as bourgeoisie and the petit bourgeoisie.
Social classRuling classBourgeoisieWorking class

Question 8: Marxism-Leninism, strictly speaking, refers to the version of Marxism developed by Vladimir Lenin known as ________[citation needed].
LeninismProletarian internationalismMarxist philosophyCommunism

Question 9: Marxist political parties and movements have significantly declined since the fall of the Soviet Union, with some exceptions, perhaps most notably ________.

Question 10: The identity of a ________ derives from its relationship to the means of production; Marx describes the social classes in capitalist societies:
Social stratificationSocial classWorking classUpper class

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