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Marwari language: Quiz


Question 1: ________
HindiDravidian languagesList of languages by number of native speakers in IndiaLanguages of South Asia

Question 2: Marwari is still spoken widely in and around ________.

Question 3: 13 million in India and 200,000 in Pakistan) it is the largest of the Marwari subgroup of the "Rajasthani cluster" of western dialects of ________.
Hindustani languageSanskritHindiPunjabi language

Question 4: The Marwari language (Mārwāṛī; also variously Marvari, Marwadi, Marvadi) is spoken in the Indian state of Rajasthan, but is also found in the neighboring state of ________ and in Eastern Pakistan.

Question 5: It is written with the Mahajani and ________ script, as is Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi and Nepali.
DevanagariBrāhmī scriptMalayalam scriptGujarati script

Question 6: 13 million in India and 200,000 in Pakistan) it is the largest language by number of speakers of the Marwari subgroup of the "________".
Rajasthani languageUrduGujarati languagePunjabi language

Question 7: This character is found in Sanskrit but not in ________.
Punjabi languagePaliHindiHindustani language

Question 8: Its primary sentence structure is SOV (________).
Subject Verb ObjectWord orderSubject Object VerbAgglutinative language

Question 9: In Pakistan it is written in the ________ with modifications.
KaphPersian languagePerso-Arabic scriptArabic alphabet

Question 10: The Marwari language was used in the recent Indian movie, Paheli, where it was mixed with ________ so it is understandable to the main stream (Hindi speakers) audience.
Hindustani languageHindiPunjabi languageSanskrit


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