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Marvel Universe: Quiz


Question 1: In 1986, in honor of Marvel Comics' 25th anniversary, then editor-in-chief ________ launched the New Universe line of comics.
Atlas Comics (1950s)Roy ThomasJim ShooterTimely Comics

Question 2: Another matter altogether is the ________, given heavy influence in the Marvel Universe, it is a dimensional plane which is the source of telekinesis and various other psychic powers.
Astral planeAstral bodyPlane (esotericism)Mental plane

Question 3: But, unlike its main rival ________, Marvel has never engaged in a drastic reboot of their continuity.
SupermanDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Superhero

Question 4: Advanced technology has also been given to humans by hidden races, aliens, or time travelers like ________, who is known to have influenced the robotics industry in the past.
Stan LeeBlack Panther (comics)She-HulkKang the Conqueror

Question 5: ________
SuperheroDungeons & DragonsMarvel Super Heroes (role-playing game)Marvel Comics

Question 6: The ________ of Conan and Kull is considered part of Earth 616 pre-recorded history.
Conan the Barbarian (film)Aquilonia (Conan)Hyborian AgeConan the Barbarian

Question 7: While the Marvel Universe is presumably as large as the non-fictional universe comic book readers inhabit, for all intents and purposes the ________ is the universe; practically all action takes place in it.
Virgo SuperclusterMilky WayLocal GroupOrion Arm

Question 8: In X-Men, the Phoenix Force is a force that received personification in ________.
Wolverine (comics)Alpha FlightCable (comics)Jean Grey

Question 9: Other licensed works that have been incorporated into the Marvel Universe include ________, 2001: A Space Odyssey, ROM: Spaceknight, The Micronauts, and the Shogun Warriors.
AtragonGodzilla (1954 film)GodzillaGodzilla (franchise)

Question 10: Other possible origins for superhuman powers include magic, genetic manipulation and/or ________ implants.
CyberneticsBiomimicryBionicsArtificial intelligence

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