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Question 1: The Sleeze Brothers was a creator-owned title by John Carnell and ________.
Dan AbnettChristos GageKeith GiffenAndy Lanning

Question 2: It also featured ________ among many other Marvel Comics heroes such as Iron Man.
PsylockeWolverine (comics)Stan LeeCaptain Britain

Question 3: Seeing a gap in the popular weekly comics market of the UK at the time, ________ formed their own British publishing arm.
Marvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Studios

Question 4: Panini Comics also publishes Marvel Legends from December 2006 onwards as a replacement for Batman Legends comic when it lost the licence to reprint ________ to Titan Magazines.
SupermanSuperheroVertigo (DC Comics)DC Comics

Question 5: By the 1970's, Marvel UK had begun to weaken and it was on a visit to the UK that ________ headhunted Dez Skinn to revamp the ailing company.
Jack KirbyWolverine (comics)She-HulkStan Lee

Question 6: This changed in 1976 when ________ Weekly was launched featuring a hero created for the British market by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe.
Captain BritainStan LeeWolverine (comics)Psylocke

Question 7: In this period Marvel UK established itself (this is also when ________ was hired as editor) as a major publisher of weekly comic titles along with D.C Thomson and IPC.
Neil TennantChris LowePet Shop BoysBilingual (album)

Question 8: Skinn even had his own catchphrase in Dez Sez which was inspired by ________'s catchphrases from the 1960's.
She-HulkStan LeeWolverine (comics)Jack Kirby

Question 9: In January 1985 the first issue of Captain Britain Monthly appeared with its titular strip written by Jamie Delano and drawn by ________.
Paul NearyAlan DavisExcalibur (comics)Stan Lee

Question 10: However, with the exception of some new covers drawn by ________ American staff, no original material had yet been produced.
Marvel AnimationMarvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel Comics


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