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Marv Wolfman: Quiz


Question 1: Wolfman wrote the novelization of the film Superman Returns, and worked on a direct-to-video animated movie, Condor, for ________'s Pow Entertainment.
Wolverine (comics)Stan LeeShe-HulkJack Kirby

Question 2: He was nominated at the Eagle Awards for Favourite Writer in 1978 and 1986 and won the 1982 Best New Book Award and 1984 Best Group Book Award for New ________.
Superboy (Kon-El)Teen TitansDeathstrokeTitans East

Question 3: In those days ________ wrote pages between the actual stories which had the book's hosts tell you what was coming up.
PunisherGerry ConwayJohn Romita, Sr.Ross Andru

Question 4: (Ironically, as Marvel editor-in-chief in 1976, Wolfman had hired Shooter at Marvel.)[4] Teaming with penciller George Pérez, Wolfman relaunched DC's ________.
Titans EastSuperboy (Kon-El)DeathstrokeTeen Titans

Question 5: In 1978, Wolfman also took over writing the ________ syndicated newspaper comic strip, which adapted several stories from the original Steve Gerber-written comics.
Morbius, the Living VampireMan-ThingHoward the DuckCloak and Dagger (comics)

Question 6: Wolfman attended New York's ________, hoping to become a cartoonist.
ManhattanKiss (band)High School of Art and DesignNeal Adams

Question 7: While at Marvel Wolfman wrote lengthy runs of Amazing Spider-Man (where he co-created the Black Cat); Fantastic Four; and ________.
Sanctum SanctorumStan LeeDoctor StrangeIron Fist (comics)

Question 8: Wolfman is married to Noel Watkins, who was very active in the Texas A&M University student organization Cepheid Variable and the science fiction convention Cepheid runs, ________.
Arkansas – Texas A&M rivalryAggieConKAMUKANM

Question 9: In 1985, Wolfman and Pérez launched ________, a 12-issue limited series celebrating DC's 50th anniversary.
One Year LaterFinal CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsInfinite Crisis

Question 10: The New Teen Titans added the Wolfman-Pérez creations Raven, Starfire and Cyborg to the old team's Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and ________ (renamed Changeling).
DeathstrokeBeast BoyTeen Titans (TV series)Brain (comics)

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