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Question 1:
Martyr, Schizophrenia and Psychology are all:
Greek loanwords Jewish philosophy Christian philosophy Christian terms

Question 2: A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, "witness"; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) is somebody who suffers ________ and death for refusing to renounce a belief, usually religious.
PersecutionReligious persecutionIslamHuman rights

Question 3:
Martyr, Logos and Sin are all:
Greek loanwords Christian terms Christian philosophy Jewish philosophy

Question 4: The word also appears with these various meanings in the ________, the sayings of Muhammad.
HadithSunni IslamShariaIslamic schools and branches

Question 5:
Martyr, Kabbalah and Problem of evil are all:
Greek loanwords Christian philosophy Jewish philosophy Christian terms

Question 6: Martyrdom in battle is seen as highly noble in Hinduism, which is evident in the ________ where Krishna states
MahabharataVyadha GitaBhagavad GitaVyasa

Question 7:
Martyr, Seven deadly sins and Byzantine Empire are all:
Christian philosophy Jewish philosophy Greek loanwords Christian terms

Question 8: Some Christians view death in ________ persecution as martyrdom.
Protestant ReformationEthnic cleansingSerbsSectarianism

Question 9: In its original meaning, the word martyr, meaning witness, was used in the secular sphere as well as in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the ________.
Christianity and JudaismNevi'imBibleBiblical canon

Question 10: The term, in this later sense, entered the ________ as a loanword.
CanadaSouth AfricaEnglish languageAmerican English


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