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Martinez, California: Quiz


Question 1: Martinez is one of the only two places in the ________, the other being Golden Gate Bridge, where the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the San Francisco Bay Trail converge.
Alameda County, CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay AreaOakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 2: Martinez features in a folk etymology regarding the ________.
Martini (cocktail)Vesper (cocktail)VermouthShaken, not stirred

Question 3: In 1860, Martinez played a role in the ________, where riders would take the ferry from Benicia (particularly if they missed the steamer in Sacramento).
California TrailPony ExpressAmerican Old WestOregon Trail

Question 4: 11.7% were of German, 10.8% Irish, 10.2% Italian, 9.4% English and 5.4% American ancestry according to ________.
Hispanic and Latino Americans2000 United States CensusMexican AmericanWhite American

Question 5: Martinez (pronounced /mɑrˈtiːnɨs/ "mar-TEE-niss" or "mar-TEE-nezz") is a city in and the county seat of Contra Costa County, ________, United States.
San Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 6: Yau-Man Chan, ________
Survivor: FijiSurvivor (U.S. TV series)Survivor: MicronesiaSurvivor: China

Question 7: ________, New York Yankee baseball player, was born in the town in 1914.
Phil RizzutoJoe DiMaggioBilly MartinYogi Berra

Question 8: ________ provides service to El Cerrito del Norte BART Station.
AC TransitBay Area Rapid TransitWestCATAll Nighter

Question 9: The Bay Area Ridge Trail ultimately will be a 500+ mile trail encircling the ________ along the ridge tops, open to hikers, equestrians, mountain bicyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types.
San Francisco BaySan Jose, CaliforniaOakland, CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay Area

Question 10: Martinez has a ________ (Köppen climate classification Csa/b).
Mediterranean climateMediterranean SeaOceanic climateRome

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