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Martin Bucer: Quiz


Question 1: In April 1518, Johannes von Staupitz, the vicar-general of the ________, invited the Wittenberg reformer Martin Luther to argue his theology at the Heidelberg Disputation.
AugustiniansCatholic religious orderFranciscanCarmelites

Question 2: Bucer met Luther in ________ on 26‚Äď28 September.

Question 3: [8] He completed his studies in the summer of 1507 and joined the ________ as a novice.
FranciscanDominican OrderCatholic religious orderCarmelites

Question 4: In 1550, another conflict arose when ________, the new bishop of Gloucester, refused to don the traditional clothes for his consecration.
Thomas CranmerJohn HooperNicholas Ridley (martyr)Vestments controversy

Question 5: Hall, Basil (1994), "Martin Bucer in England", in Wright, D. F., Martin Bucer: Reforming church and community, Cambridge: ________, ISBN 052139144X  .
Oxford University PressCambridge University PressAlms for JihadAuthorized King James Version

Question 6: In summer 1538, he invited John Calvin, the future reformer of ________, to lead a French refugee congregation in Strasbourg.

Question 7: In early 1519, Bucer received the ________ degree, and that summer he stated his theological views in a disputation before the faculty at Heidelberg, revealing his break with Aquinas and scholasticism.
British degree abbreviationsCollegeBachelor's degreeAcademic degree

Question 8: He named Walter Haddon and ________ as executors, commended his loved ones to Thomas Cranmer, and thanked his stepdaughter Agnes Capito for taking care of him.
Rowan WilliamsMatthew ParkerEdmund GrindalWilliam Laud

Question 9: By 1515, Bucer was studying theology in the Dominican monastery in ________.

Question 10: By May 1525, reforms had been implemented in Strasbourg's parish churches, but the city council decided to allow masses to continue in the cathedral and in the ________ St Thomas', Young St Peter's, and Old St Peter's.
EdinburghEnglandCollegiate churchOxford


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