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Question 1: Olympus Mons: Although extinct, ________ is the biggest volcano in the Solar System.
Water on MarsOlympus MonsArsia MonsMars

Question 2: Martian Gothic) is a survival horror game for the ________ and PC.
PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2PlayStationPlayStation 3

Question 3: Kurakarak / The Sovereign: The Kurakarak, who also call themselves "The Sovereign", are the ancient race who once occupied Mars before becoming ________.
EvolutionExtinctionConservation biologyHolocene extinction

Question 4: This theory would also be backed-up by the fact that, maybe even in the year 2019, current technology cannot possibly give a computer a ________ and personality.
Free willAristotleImmanuel KantFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 5: At the end of the PC game, in a cutscene which is not included in the ________ version, MOOD reveals that she "is free of her network of circuits" and released from her "cage of wires".
PlayStation 2PlayStation PortablePlayStationPlayStation 3

Question 6: However, some Martian ________ strains managed to survive for billions of years in an underground tomb, referred to as "Pandora's Box" by Judith Harroway, which had been opened by the Vita 1 base crew.

Question 7: The TriMorphs can produce offspring when exposed to hot and humid climate conditions, to create large ________-like creatures, known as Extrudes.

Question 8: It is reported to be three to four-times bigger than ________ of Earth.
KangchenjungaHimalayasK2Mount Everest

Question 9: It was developed by Creative Reality and published by ________.
Rockstar GamesRockstar San DiegoTake-Two InteractiveRockstar North

Question 10: TriMorph: Varying in size, these creatures contain faces of the deceased on their skin and seem weak against ________.
Hydrogen chlorideEthanolHydrochloric acidSulfuric acid


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