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Question 1: [12] and in 1804 the ________ government banned kalaripayat in response to a series of revolts.
EnglandBermudaUnited KingdomBritish overseas territories

Question 2: Thanks in part to Asian and Hollywood martial arts movies, ________ and Jet Li are prominent movie figures who have been responsible for promoting Chinese martial arts in recent years.
Jackie Chan filmographyJackie ChanSammo HungJackie Chan Stunt Team

Question 3: ________ moran (warrior age-set) dances

Question 4: Native peoples of ________ and South America had their own martial training which began in childhood.
EuropeAmericas (terminology)CaribbeanNorth America

Question 5: [12] Similar phenomena occurred in Southeast Asian colonies such as Malaysia, ________, Vietnam and the Philippines.
Papua New GuineaIndonesiaSingaporeEast Timor

Question 6: Nearly all mixed martial arts leagues such as UFC, Pancrase, Shooto use a form of full-contact rules, as do professional boxing organizations and ________.
Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing FederationK-1All Japan Kickboxing FederationShoot boxing

Question 7: The question of "which is the best martial art" has led to new forms of competition; the original ________ in the U.S.
Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipThe Ultimate Fighter 1 FinaleThe Ultimate Fighter 3 FinaleUFC 94

Question 8: These include stick-fighting systems such as Quarterstaff of England, bataireacht of Ireland, Jogo do Pau of Portugal and the Juego del Palo (Palo Canario) style(s) of the ________.
Canary IslandsMelillaTenerifeSpain

Question 9: Sabre Dance - depicted in Khachaturian's ballet ________
GayaneSoviet UnionRussiaArmenia

Question 10: [3] There are also wrestling and grappling techniques found in ________.
EuropeNigeriaNorth AfricaWest Africa


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