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Marthanda Varma: Quiz


Question 1: The military commander of the Travancore forces was ________, a prisoner of war from the Battle of Colachel.
Eustachius De LannoyKanyakumariNagercoilKanyakumari district

Question 2: In 1755 the Zamorin of ________, the most powerful king in Northern Kerala was also defeated and forced to sign a treaty of friendship with Travancore, causing all the Kings of Kerala to prostrate before the power of Marthanda Varma.
North MalabarKozhikode districtVatakaraKozhikode

Question 3: In 1739 Van Imhoff, the Dutch-governor of ________, arrived in Cochin and in 1740 espoused the cause of the Rani of Kottarakara and protested against the annexation of that kingdom by Marthanda Varma.
MalaysiaPakistanMaldivesSri Lanka

Question 4: Within this small kingdom the power of the king was only nominal due to the power of the nobles known as Madampis, chief among them being the ________ or the Lords of the Eight Houses.
Marthanda VarmaEttuveetil PillamarTravancoreUmayamma Rani

Question 5: Following this occurred the Battle of Colachel, a decisive battle resulting in the complete eclipse of the Dutch power in ________.
KeralaKochi, IndiaMalayaliThiruvananthapuram

Question 6: Among them were ________ and Donadi, who attracted the maharaja's special notice.
NagercoilKanyakumari districtKanyakumariEustachius De Lannoy

Question 7: In 1731 ________ of Kollam, which was ruled by a branch of the Venad family was defeated and the last King was made to sign a document allowing the annexation of his kingdom by Marthanda Varma after his death.
KodungallurKochi, IndiaKannurKollam

Question 8: The powers of the ruler were also to a great extent curbed by the power of the Ettara Yogam, the Managing committee of the great Pagoda of Padmanabhaswamy in ________.
NedumangadVarkalaThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuram district

Question 9: Travancore now extended from ________ to Kayamkulam in the north.
KolachalKanyakumari districtKanyakumariNagercoil


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