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Martha Stewart: Quiz


Question 1:
What was Martha Stewart's birth name?
Eva Pettersson
Gerald Edward Levert
Margarita Mimi Baez
Martha Helen Kostyra

Question 2: She left Barnard but continued her moderately successful modeling career, while her husband finished his law degree at ________.
Yale UniversityFairfield UniversityYale Law SchoolQuinnipiac University

Question 3:
Where was Martha Stewart born?
Vernon Valley, New Jersey
near Newton, New Jersey
Jersey City, New Jersey United States
Malaga, New Jersey, USA

Question 4:
What did Martha Stewart do for a living?
Magazine editor-in-chief
Senior correspondent for Time magazine
Editor of Tempo magazine
Entrepreneur; television and magazine personality

Question 5: Finishing with straight As, she was awarded a partial scholarship to ________ in New York City.
Wellesley CollegeManhattan CollegeBarnard CollegeBryn Mawr College

Question 6: Later, she learned the processes of canning and preserving when she visited her grandparents' home in ________.
Rochester, New YorkErie County, New YorkBuffalo, New YorkNew York City

Question 7:

Question 8: Her pets include champion show ________ dogs, French Bulldogs, Himalayan cats, and Friesian horses.
Finnish SpitzSiberian HuskyChow ChowAkita Inu

Question 9:
Who is Martha Stewart's spouse?
Elisabeth Stroink
Andrew Stewart
Lillian Gordy Carter

Question 10:
What role did Martha Stewart play in the telemovie Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick?
Mrs. Peabody
Josie Berry

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