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Question 1: [citation needed] Instead, both main branches of the mammal tree appear to have evolved concurrently toward the end of the ________ era.
DinosaurCretaceousMesozoicGeologic time scale

Question 2: There are many small ________ species in each group.
ColugoBrachiationPrimateArboreal locomotion

Question 3:
What phylum does Marsupial belong to?

Question 4: It was once commonly believed that marsupials were a primitive forerunner of modern placental mammals, but ________ evidence, first presented by researcher M.J.
PaleontologyGeologyGeologic time scaleFossil

Question 5: ________ (1994),The Future Eaters: An Ecological History of the Australasian Lands and People, pages 67–75.
Tim FlanneryPleistocene RewildingLa Trobe UniversityAustralia

Question 6: There are also 100 extant American species; these are centered mostly in South America, but the Great American Interchange has provided ________ with 13 species, and North America with one (the Virginia Opossum).
Latin AmericaCentral AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 7: There are about 334 species of marsupial, and over 200 are native to ________ and neighboring northern islands.
AustraliaBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Females have two lateral ________, which lead to separate uteruses, but both open externally through the same orifice.
Female ejaculationClitorisVaginaPenis

Question 9: Family ________: kangaroos, wallabies, and relatives

Question 10: [1][2] The Order Microbiotheria (which has only one species, the Monito del Monte) is found in ________ but is believed to be more closely related to the Australian marsupials.
South AmericaLatin AmericaNorth AmericaAmericas

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