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Question 1: The Marshal of France (French: Maréchal de France and pl Maréchaux de France) is a military distinction in contemporary France, not a ________.
Greek military ranksRAF officer ranksNew Zealand military ranksMilitary rank

Question 2: The title was abolished by the ________ in 1793.
National Constituent AssemblyFrench RevolutionFrench DirectoryNational Convention

Question 3: ________, Duke of Retz (1522–1602), Marshal of France in 1573
Gondi familyAlbert de GondiCatherine de' MediciPierre de Gondi

Question 4: ________, (1696–1750), Marshal of France in 1741, Marshal General of France in 1747
BrusselsMaurice de SaxeAugustus II the StrongPrague

Question 5: The title derived from the office of marescallus Franciae created by King ________ for Albéric Clément (circa 1190).
John II of FrancePhilip II of FranceHenry VI of EnglandCharles V of France

Question 6: ________, Lord of Ingrande and of Champtocé (1404–1440), Marshal of France in 1429
Hundred Years' WarBlack metalRock musicGilles de Rais

Question 7: ________, Duke of Tarento (1765–1840), Marshal of the Empire in 1809
Jean-de-Dieu SoultJacques MacDonaldLouis-Nicolas DavoutLouis Gabriel Suchet

Question 8: It was one of the Great Officers of the Crown of France during the Ancien Régime and ________ and one of the Great Dignitaries of the Empire during the First French Empire (when the title was not "Marshal of France" but "Marshal of the Empire").
Bourbon RestorationFrançois-René de ChateaubriandFrench Third RepublicJuly Monarchy

Question 9: ________, Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moscow (1769–1815), Marshal of the Empire in 1804
Pierre AugereauMichel NeyLouis-Nicolas DavoutNapoleon I

Question 10: ________, Duke of Auerstaedt, Prince of Eckmühl (1770–1823), Marshal of the Empire in 1804
Napoleon IJacques MacDonaldJózef Antoni PoniatowskiLouis-Nicolas Davout


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