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Question 1: Almost all cultures that recognize marriage also recognize ________ as a violation of the terms of marriage.
MiscegenationAdulteryDivorceZoosexuality and the law

Question 2:
Who played Marjorie Pope the movie Marriage?
Virginia Valli
Catherine Calvert
Virginia Valli
Hazel Alden

Question 3:
Who played Tommy Latimer the movie Marriage?
David Powell
Walter Hiers
Thomas Holding
Frank Dunn

Question 4:
Marriage, Oldest people and Population density are all:
Demography Philosophy of love Old French loanwords All accuracy disputes

Question 5: With the advent of No-fault divorce in 1970, and the widespread acceptance of ________, the definition of traditional marriage has become less narrowly defined as a legal bond "between a man and a woman".
PregnancySafe sexBirth controlCondom

Question 6:
Who played Jack Spencer the movie Marriage?
Edwards Davis
David Powell
Frank Dunn
Thomas Holding

Question 7: One of the functions of churches from the ________ was to register marriages, which was not obligatory.
Early Middle AgesLate Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 8: It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the ________ or subculture in which it is found.
CultureSlaveryFamilyHuman rights

Question 9:
What role did David Powell play in the movie Marriage?
Sir Roderick Dover
Jack Spencer
Carter Ballyntine

Question 10: In ________ society, married women work harder, lose sexual freedom, and do not seem to obtain any benefit from marriage.
PawneeWichita (tribe)CaddoComanche

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