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Marquess: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, there was no title equivalent to marquess.
KoreaKorean EmpireKorea under Japanese ruleJoseon Dynasty

Question 2: in Korea, the title of Hyeonhu (현후, 縣侯), of which the meaning is "marquess of district", existed for the hereditary nobility in the ________.
GoryeoJoseon DynastyGoguryeoBalhae

Question 3: A marquess (pronounced /ˈmɑrkwɨs/) or marquis (pronounced /mɑrˈkiː/) (from French "marquis") is a ________ of hereditary rank in various European monarchies and some of their colonies.
SerfdomGentryNobilitySocial class

Question 4: In the ________ it ranks below a duke and above an earl (see Marquesses in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth).
ViscountPeerageBaronHereditary peer


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