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Question 1: Jump-qualified personnel in parachute units of the ________ are allowed to wear the maroon.
Canadian ForcesCadet Instructors CadreLand Force Central AreaLand Force Western Area

Question 2: In the ________, maroon beret is worn by the Tzanhanim Brigade and elite special forces units (Sayeret Matkal, Oketz, Maglan, Duvdevan and others).
Military Police Corps (Israel)Israeli Air ForceIsrael Defense ForcesLebanese Armed Forces

Question 3: In the ________, most regiments wear headdress or cap badges which reflect regimental traditions.
Royal Military PoliceBritish ArmyBritish Armed ForcesTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 4: The maroon beret is worn by members of elite MVD ________ units, although it is referred to as 'Krapoviy' meaning crimson.
OMONSpetsnaz GRUSpetsnazKGB

Question 5: Maroon berets are worn by paratroopers in the ________ and A Field Battery or any soldiers within the Airborne Battle Group (Transport, Catering, Medical etc).
1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

Question 6: This distinctive head dress was officially introduced in 1942, at the direction of General ________, commander of the British 1st Airborne Division.
Frederick BrowningBritish ArmyOperation Market GardenA Bridge Too Far (film)

Question 7: The ________ of the Home Ministry are also parachute trained and wear the maroon beret.
Border Security ForceSpecial Frontier ForceHome Guard (India)Assam Rifles

Question 8: ________ personnel wear a similar, but slightly brighter, scarlet beret.
Combat rescue officerUnited States Air Force Combat Control TeamUnited States Air Force PararescueSpecial Forces (United States Army)

Question 9: ________ paratroopers wear a green beret though.
SwitzerlandFranceFrench Foreign LegionHungary

Question 10: All members of the ________ special forces para commando battalions wear Maroon Berets with para commando cap badge.
Bangladesh ArmyBangladesh Liberation WarEast Bengal RegimentBangladesh UN Peacekeeping Force


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