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Question 1: A marksman is a person who is skilled in ________,[1] using projectile weapons, such as with a rifle but most commonly with a sniper rifle, to shoot at small long-range targets.
Barrett M82Special forcesSniperUnited States Marine Corps

Question 2: Both services award separate medals for ________ and rifle proficiency.
Semi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-PowerHandgunFirearm

Question 3: In the ________, the first use of the term 'marksman' was given to the royal archers, or bowmen, of a palace guard, which was an elite group of troops chosen to guard a royal palace.
Late Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 4: Thus, marksmen are often attached at the squad level while snipers are often attached at higher levels such as battalion (cf.: ________).
United States Army Squad Designated Marksman RifleM16 rifleDesignated marksmanM14 rifle

Question 5: While most troops at that time used inaccurate smoothbore muskets, the British "Green Jackets" (named for their distinctive green uniforms) used the famous ________.
Brown BessBaker rifleFerguson rifleBritish military rifles

Question 6: In the military, marksmen are sometimes attached to an ________ squad where they take accurate long-range shots at valuable targets as needed, thus extending the reach of the squad.
Medieval warfareMilitary historyInfantryWeapon

Question 7: One of the first true appearances of units of sharpshooters was during the ________.
United States ConstitutionMassachusettsAmerican RevolutionUnited States

Question 8: Another use of units of marksmen was during the Napoleonic Wars in the ________.
British Armed ForcesRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)British Army

Question 9: American rifle companies, armed with the Pennsylvania/Kentucky Long Rifle, served as skirmishers for the ________.
United States Army RangersUnited States ArmyUnited States Army EuropeContinental Army

Question 10: The main difference between a marksman and a ________ is that a marksman is usually considered an organic part of a team of soldiers, whereas snipers tend to work solitarily or with other snipers.
United States Marine CorpsSniper rifleSpecial forcesSniper


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