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Question 1: ________ research explores how and why people adopt new products, services and ideas.
Hierarchical incompetenceInformation Routing GroupDiffusion of innovationsCentral media

Question 2: Marketing researchers use statistical methods such as quantitative research, qualitative research, hypothesis tests, Chi-squared tests, linear regression, correlations, frequency distributions, poisson distributions, ________, etc.
Student's t-distributionNegative binomial distributionNormal distributionBinomial distribution

Question 3: A distinction should be made between ________ and market research.
Marketing managementMarketing researchBrand managementAdvertising

Question 4: [9] New forms of marketing also uses the internet and are therefore called internet marketing or more generally e-marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, desktop advertising or ________.
Pay per clickAffiliate marketingE-mail marketingOnline advertising

Question 5: The Economist reported a recent conference in ________ on the subject of the simulation of adaptive human behavior.

Question 6: In recent years, the netbook personal computer has gained significant market share among ________, largely due to its more user-friendly size and portability.
Tablet PCSubnotebookNettopLaptop

Question 7: With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that ________ is one of the major components of business management.
Marketing managementMarketing researchMarketing planPositioning (marketing)

Question 8: A "swarm-moves" model was introduced by a ________ researcher, which is appealing to supermarkets because it can "increase sales without the need to give people discounts."
Nova Southeastern UniversityUniversity of MiamiStetson UniversityFlorida Institute of Technology

Question 9: Moreover, the launch of smartphones into the ________ market is commonly derived from a demand among consumers for more technologically advanced products.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System4GMobile phoneMobile telephony

Question 10: Recent approaches in marketing is the relationship marketing with focus on the customer, the ________ or industrial marketing with focus on an organization or institution and the social marketing with focus on benefits to the society.
Marketing strategyMarketing managementAdvertisingBusiness marketing

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