Mark Viduka: Quiz

Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Mark Viduka have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Demolition Man
Crucifixion With a Donor

Question 2:
In what city was Mark Viduka born?

Question 3:
In what country was Mark Viduka born?

Question 4: Mark Viduka ________ competition record
FIFACONMEBOLUEFAAsian Football Confederation

Question 5:
What is the full name of Mark Viduka?
Simon Eder
Mikhail Petrovich Biryukov
Ji-Paranu00E1 Futebol Clube
Mark Anthony Viduka

Question 6: He said he would re-sign if ________ was reappointed as manager.
Kevin KeeganKenny DalglishGary LinekerAlan Shearer

Question 7: This was a great relief for manager ________, who stated that he had previously feared the Australian's career might have been prematurely ended by his injury woes.
Colin CalderwoodMick HarfordJoe KinnearRay Harford

Question 8: With the relegation of Leeds to the ________, the sale of Viduka to Middlesbrough was completed.
Football League Championship2009–10 Football League ChampionshipPlymouth Argyle F.C.The Football League

Question 9: However, in September 2006, he confirmed that he would continue playing for Australia and intended to compete in the 2007 ________.
Asian Football ConfederationJapan national football teamAFC Asian CupIraq national football team

Question 10: This prompted speculation that Viduka would join the Leeds exodus with ________, confirming their interest in the Australian international along with Premier League clubs Liverpool and Manchester United.
FC Barcelona season 2009–10FC Barcelona season 2008–09Real Madrid C.F.FC Barcelona

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