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Mark 16: Quiz


Question 1: [7] Jesus had predicted his resurrection and returning to Galilee during the ________ in Mark 14:28.
EasterGood FridayLast SupperJudas Iscariot

Question 2: Mark 16:17 is specifically cited as Biblical support for some of these denominations' teachings concerning exorcism and ________, and also in support of speaking in tongues.
Protestant ReformationSpiritual warfareBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 3: Mark 16:9–20 is preserved in its traditional form in about a dozen uncials (the earliest being ________) and in all undamaged minuscules.
Codex AlexandrinusTextual variants in the New TestamentCodex VaticanusCodex Sinaiticus

Question 4: The vast majority of contemporary ________ textual critics (see also Textual criticism) have concluded that neither the longer nor shorter endings were originally part of Mark's Gospel.
New TestamentBibleJesusBiblical canon

Question 5: It begins with the discovery of the empty tomb by ________, Mary the mother of James, and Salome — there they encounter a man dressed in white who announces Jesus' resurrection.
Mary MagdaleneSaint PeterMarthaNew Testament

Question 6: Omit Mark 16:9–20: ________, Vaticanus, 20, 304, Syriac Sinaiticus, a Sahidic manuscript, Armenian manuscripts; Eusebius, manuscripts according to Eusebius, manuscripts according to Jerome.
Codex SinaiticusCodex AlexandrinusNew TestamentBiblical manuscript

Question 7: Explaining the reason for adding the verses, text critic and author ________ says:
Bart D. EhrmanMisquoting JesusEarly ChristianityNew Testament

Question 8: C. H. Turner argued that the original version of the ________ could have been a codex, with the last page being especially vulnerable to damage.
GospelJesusNew TestamentApostle (Christian)

Question 9: It is part of the ________ and other influential translations.
Authorized King James VersionDouay-Rheims BibleRevised Standard VersionGeneva Bible

Question 10: The longer ending of Mark 16 is of considerable significance in ________ and other denominations:
Oneness PentecostalismCatholicismChristianityPentecostalism


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