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Mariology of the popes: Quiz


Question 1: To underline his support for the ________ theology, he authorized the Feast of Mary Mediator of all Graces.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)MediatrixRoman Catholic MariologyMarian apparition

Question 2: ________ (1914-1922) was an ardent mariologist, devoted to Marian veneration and open new theological perspectives.
Pope Pius XIPope Paul VIPope Benedict XVPope John Paul II

Question 3: [19] Some fathers requested, the dogma of the Immaculate Conception to be included in the ________ of the Church, which was opposed by Pius IX.
Biblical canonCreedCatholicismChristianity

Question 4: ________
Immaculate ConceptionRoman Catholic MariologyMarian papal encyclicals and Apostolic LettersBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 5: In the encyclical Ad caeli reginam he promulagated the feast, ________ [50].
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Marian doctrines of the Catholic ChurchQueen of HeavenRoman Catholic Mariology

Question 6: In 1674 ________ (1670-1676) indexed books on Marian piety.
Pope Innocent XIPope Clement XPope John Paul IIPope Pius IX

Question 7: [18] During ________, some 108 council fathers requested to add the words "Immaculate Virgin" to the Hail Mary.
Second Vatican CouncilEcumenical councilFirst Vatican CouncilCatholic Church

Question 8: The Pope recommended the teachings and piety of ________ and named him “Apostolic Missionary of France” [10] After the victory over the Turks, Clement extended the rosary feast to the whole Church.
Francis de SalesGabriel RoschiniLouis de MontfortPope John Paul II

Question 9: And in his 1974 exhortation Marialis Cultus, he again promotes Marian devotions, highlighting the ________ and Rosary prayers.
AngelusHail MaryMagnificatSalve Regina

Question 10: ________, encyclicals and bulls
Pope Paul VIPope Pius XIIPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

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