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Mariology: Quiz


Question 1: Mariology methodically presents teachings about her to other parts of the ________, such as teachings about Jesus, redemption and grace.

Question 2: While ________ has been the subject of detailed study, some Marian views, in particular in Roman Catholic Mariology, see it as an essential basis for the study of Mary.
Christian theologyTrinityBiblical canonChristology

Question 3: An important part of Church history is patristics or ________, the teaching of the early Fathers of the Church.
PatristicsChurch FathersEast–West SchismEarly Christianity

Question 4: Hugo Rahner, the brother of Karl Rahner, disagreed and developed a Mariology based on the writers of the early Church, such as ________, Augustine of Hippo, and others.
AmbroseFrancis de SalesPope John Paul IIHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 5: In terms of popular following, membership in ________ has grown significantly.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic MariologyRosaryRoman Catholic Marian movements and societies

Question 6: In the ________ Church, a number of traditions revolve around the Ever-Virgin Mary and the Theotokos, which are theologically paramount.
Orthodox ChurchChristianityEast–West SchismEastern Christianity

Question 7: Devotions
________ScapularImmaculate HeartSeven JoysSeven SorrowsFirst SaturdaysActs of Reparation
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Immaculate ConceptionRoman Catholic MariologyRosary

Question 8: ________ concepts of Mary have been mostly expressed in liturgy and are not subject to a central dogmatic teaching office.
Eastern ChristianityOrthodox ChurchChristianityEast–West Schism

Question 9: [7] In ________, the overall context of Catholic doctrines and other Church teachings are also taken into account.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Hugo RahnerRoman Catholic MariologyImmaculate Conception

Question 10: The Marian Chapter of the document ________ of Vatican II includes twenty-six biblical references.
Pope John Paul IIEast–West SchismCatholic ChurchLumen Gentium


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