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Mario Party 8: Quiz


Question 1: The game had a launch plagued by difficulties in the ________.
EnglandWalesCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Matt Casamassina of ________ referred to the single-player mode as "torture" and commented on the visuals as "graphics don't even impress as a GCN title".

Question 3: A number of the minigames rely on the unique capabilities of the ________, while others instead require players to hold the controller sideways and use only the buttons.
Wii RemoteWii MotionPlusWii Balance BoardWii Speak

Question 4: [15] In ________, Mario Party 8 has sold 1,239,716 copies as of the end of Q2 2008, according to Famitsu.
CanadaUnited KingdomJapanCambodia

Question 5: Mario Party 8 (マリオパーティ8 Mario Pāti Eito?) is the tenth game in the series (eleventh in ________) and is the first (and so far only) title in the series to be released for Wii.
CanadaJapanCambodiaUnited Kingdom

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