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Mario Capecchi: Quiz


Question 1: 2005 - ________ Prize in Developmental Biology[16]
PoliomyelitisMarch of DimesUnited StatesFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 2: [9]) He graduated from George School, a Quaker boarding school in ________, in 1956.
Bucks County, PennsylvaniaDelaware County, PennsylvaniaMontgomery County, PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia

Question 3: 2007 - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, co-winner with ________ and Oliver Smithies[1]
Elizabeth BlackburnTim HuntPaul NurseMartin Evans

Question 4: 2001 - Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, co-winner with ________ and Oliver Smithies[15]
Elizabeth BlackburnMartin EvansPaul NurseTim Hunt

Question 5: Capecchi has also pursued a systematic analysis of the mouse ________ family.
Transcription factorHomeoboxHomeodomain foldHox gene

Question 6: He and his mother moved to ________ to live at an intentional cooperative community called Bryn Gweled,[8] which had been co-founded by his uncle.
ConnecticutPennsylvaniaNorth CarolinaNew Jersey

Question 7: 1994 - ________ Cancer Reseearch Foundation Alfred P.
General Motors Chapter 11 reorganizationGeneral MotorsChryslerMotors Liquidation Company

Question 8: [1] He is currently Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics and ________ at the University of Utah School of Medicine, which he joined in 1973.

Question 9: Mario Capecchi was born in the Italian city of ________ in 1937.

Question 10: This work was accomplished through the efforts of ________ and Oliver Smithies working on the knockout mice.
Elizabeth BlackburnTim HuntMartin EvansPaul Nurse


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