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Question 1:
Who played Receptionist the movie Mario?
Nathalie Chalifour
Christiane Breton
Karen Shinnell
Shelagh Fraser

Question 2:
What role did Karen Shinnell play in the movie Mario?
Social worker
Mary Hogan
Susan Barret

Question 3: [53] Mario has rescued Princess Peach multiple times since Super Mario Bros.[45] In a role reversal, Peach rescues Mario in ________.
New Super Mario Bros.Super Princess PeachSuper Mario GalaxyNew Super Mario Bros. Wii

Question 4:
Who played Jock the movie Mario?
Angus Lennie
Michael Ripper
Xavier Norman Petermann
Francis Reddy

Question 5: [65] Later, in ________, an item called the Cape Feather was introduced that gave Mario a cape.
Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario 64Super Mario WorldSuper Mario Galaxy

Question 6:
Who wrote Mario?
Yu014Dichi Kotabe
Junya Nakano , Kenichiro Fukui
South 65
Various Artists

Question 7: Mario (マリオ?) is a fictional character in his eponymous video game series, created by video game designer ________.
Super Mario 64Shigeru MiyamotoSuper Mario GalaxyDonkey Kong (video game)

Question 8: He is depicted as a portly plumber[45] who lives in the fictional land of the Mushroom Kingdom[4] with ________, his younger, taller brother, who is also a plumber.
Mario KartLuigiPrincess PeachBowser (character)

Question 9: [59] ________ is presumed to be a dinosaur, though his species is named Yoshi.
Mario (series)Wario (series)YoshiMario

Question 10:
Who played John Barret the movie Mario?
Peter Assinder
Xavier Norman Petermann
Francis Reddy
Jonathan Collins

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