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Question 1: The mariner's astrolabe, also called sea astrolabe, was used to determine the ________ of a ship at sea by measuring the sun's noon altitude (declination) or the meridian altitude of a star of known declination.
Prime MeridianAntarctic CircleLatitudeEquator

Question 2: The earliest date, 1295, is offered by the Majorcan astronomer ________.
Albertus MagnusThomas AquinasDuns ScotusRamon Llull

Question 3: It was replaced by more accurate and easier-to-use instruments such as the ________.
BackstaffQuadrant (instrument)Edmund GunterElton's quadrant

Question 4: The mariner's astrolabe would have replaced or complemented instruments such as the ________ or quadrant as a navigator's instrument.
Shen KuoCompassSong DynastyJacob's staff

Question 5: There is evidence that the mariner's astrolabe was derived directly from the planispheric ________, as the earliest examples retain some of the markings (e.g.
AstrolabeAbu Rayhan BiruniMuhammad ibn Mūsā al-KhwārizmīAlhazen

Question 6: Not an ________ proper, the mariner's astrolabe was rather a graduated circle with an alidade used to measure vertical angles.
Abu Rayhan BiruniAstrolabeMuhammad ibn Mūsā al-KhwārizmīAlhazen


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