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Question 1: [6] Ships also create noise pollution that disturbs natural wildlife, and water from ballast tanks can spread harmful ________ and other invasive species.
PhotosynthesisPlantWild fisheriesAlgae

Question 2: When floating plastic particles photodegrade down to zooplankton sizes, jellyfish attempt to consume them, and in this way the plastic enters the ocean ________.
Food chainPredationCarnivoreHerbivore

Question 3: ________, a species of comb jellyfish that spread so it now inhabits estuaries in many parts of the world.
CnidariaAurelia auritaCtenophoraMnemiopsis leidyi

Question 4: Pollution is often classed as point source or ________.
Nonpoint source pollutionWater pollutionAgricultural wastewater treatmentEutrophication

Question 5: Discharge of cargo residues from ________ can pollute ports, waterways and oceans.
Container shipBulk carrierCargo shipOil tanker

Question 6: That year also saw the signing of the ________, sometimes called the London Convention.
AzerbaijanConvention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other MatterInternational Maritime OrganizationCyprus

Question 7: [51] Nearly all of these albatross have plastic in their ________[52] and one-third of their chicks die.
Immune systemEndocrine systemStomachDigestion

Question 8: [71] ________ are longer when submarine-detectors are on.
Whale songPorpoiseCetaceaSperm whale

Question 9: The oceans are normally a natural ________, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Greenhouse gasCarbon sinkBiofuelCarbon cycle

Question 10: In particular, the ________ has a very high level of plastic particulate suspended in the upper water column.
Humboldt CurrentGreat Pacific Garbage PatchGulf StreamThermohaline circulation


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