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Question 1: Reefs are built up by corals and other ________-depositing animals, usually on top of a rocky outcrop on the ocean floor.

Question 2: Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or ________ bodies of water.
Baltic SeaNorth SeaUnited StatesBrackish water

Question 3: Some reefs are recovering, but scientists say that 58% of the world's coral reefs are now endangered and predict that ________ could exacerbate this trend.
Global warmingScientific opinion on climate changeKyoto ProtocolGlobal warming controversy

Question 4: The role of ________ is better understood due to their critical position as the most numerous primary producers on Earth.

Question 5: Much life centers on ________ that rise from the depths, where fish and other sea life congregate to spawn and feed.
Pelagic zoneCold seepSeamountHydrothermal vent

Question 6: Well known fish include: sardines, ________, ling cod, clownfish (also known as anemonefish), and bottom fish which include halibut or ling cod.
CatfishRainbow troutAnchovyOrange roughy

Question 7: ________ along the mid-ocean ridge spreading centers act as oases, as do their opposites, cold seeps.
Littoral zoneSeamountHydrothermal ventBlack smoker

Question 8: Tracking devices do not work for some life forms, and the ocean is not friendly to ________.
Artificial intelligenceEngineeringTechnologyMining

Question 9: Reefs can also grow on other surfaces, which has made it possible to create ________.
R142A (New York City Subway car)R142 (New York City Subway car)Artificial reefAquaculture

Question 10: Seals (Family Phocidae), sea lions (Family Otariidae - which also include the fur seals), and the Walrus (Family ________) are all considered pinnipeds.
WalrusPolar bearGray WolfSea otter


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