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Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform: Quiz


Question 1: Two slanting chest pockets with ________ closure

Question 2: In the past, when Marines wore the ________, this served to distinguish them from the Army and Air Force, who rolled their sleeves so that the camouflage outside of the cuff folded down over the completed roll.
Battle Dress UniformBoonie hatDesert Battle Dress UniformArmy Combat Uniform

Question 3: [1][2][3] It replaced the ________, which the Marine Corps had shared with the US Navy, US Army and US Air Force.
Boonie hatBattle Dress UniformDesert Battle Dress UniformArmy Combat Uniform

Question 4: [9] Due to the intense heat in ________, moisture wicking tee shirts, such as those produced by Under Armour became very popular.

Question 5: The Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform or MCCUU is the current battledress uniform of the ________.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forcesUnited States ArmyUnited States Navy

Question 6: Unlike the previous BDU, the MCCUU was designed to be used with ________, which previously restricted access to front pockets.
ArmourCombat helmetBallistic vestPersonal armor

Question 7: Uniform regulations still authorize a web belt for wear for Marines that have not qualified in MCMAP; however, the ________ directed in 2008 that all Marines will qualify, rendering the item obsolete.
Uniforms of the United States Marine CorpsHistory of the United States Marine CorpsUnited States Marine CorpsCommandant of the Marine Corps

Question 8: The Marine Corps now requires tan rough-out ________, either hot weather or temperate weather versions.
Jump bootJungle bootTanker bootCombat boot

Question 9: It is also worn by US Navy ________ and US Navy Chaplain Corps members assigned to Marine Corps units.
Naval Criminal Investigative ServiceUnited States Naval Special Warfare CommandUnited States NavyUnited States Navy Hospital Corpsman

Question 10: The uniforms are manufactured by Propper International Inc., ________, E.A.
American Red CrossAmerican ApparelUnited StatesLos Angeles


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