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Question 1: The ________ was known to use marines and naval personnel were trained for raiding and also provided at least two legions (I Adiutrix and II Adiutrix) for service on land.
Roman NavyRoman EmpireRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 2: The Corps of Naval Fusiliers (Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais), is subordinate to the ________.
Brazilian Naval AviationBrazilian Marine CorpsBrazilian Air ForceBrazilian Navy

Question 3: The ________ (Koninklijke Marine) naval infantry unit is the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers).
Royal Netherlands NavyRoyal Netherlands ArmyWorld War IISubmarine

Question 4: The 307th Marine Battalion (Batalionul 307 Infanterie Marină) is the light infantry/________/special operations unit of the Romanian Navy.
United States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceReconnaissance

Question 5: Tasks undertaken by marines have included providing security in a warship while at sea, reflecting the pressed nature of the ships' company and the risk of ________.
AmsterdamUnited KingdomWorld War IMutiny

Question 6: It is located in Babadag, Tulcea County, and it was formed in the mid 1970s for the defence of the Danube Delta and Romanian ________ shore.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaAegean SeaMediterranean Sea

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Spanish and US Marines, marched together in a change of command ceremony at Naval Station Rota, Spain, Europe(July 2002)
  Moroccan sailors on parade
  Royal Marines landing craft helo extraction.
  Royal Marines landing craft helo extraction.

Question 8: In the 1260s, when emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos rebuilt the navy, he recruited the Tzakones (settlers from ________) and the Gasmouloi (men of mixed Greek-Latin descent) as special marine troops.
MesseniaLarissa PrefectureArcadiaLaconia

Question 9: The marines riverine duties have been increasingly taken over by the ________.
Mexican ArmyMexican Drug WarMexican Air ForceMexican Navy

Question 10: The last raised units were the Ta'ifat al Ru'sa (corsair captains militia) recruited from among the North African Arabs and indigenous ________.
AlgeriaMoroccoBerber peopleSpain


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