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Marin Mersenne: Quiz


Question 1: O'Connor, John J.; Robertson, Edmund F., "Marin Mersenne", MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, ________,  .
University of St AndrewsUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of Oxford

Question 2: It was more accurate (0.44 cents sharp) than Vincenzo Galilei's 18/17 (1.05 cents flat), and could be constructed using ________.
Angle trisectionHeptagonCompass and straightedge constructionsField (mathematics)

Question 3: He condemns astral magic and astrology and the anima mundi a concept popular amongst ________ neo-platonists.
RenaissanceItalian RenaissanceBaroqueWestern art history

Question 4: Fludd responded with Sophia cum moria certamen (1626), wherein Fludd admits his involvement with the ________.
AstrologyEsoteric ChristianityHermeticismRosicrucianism

Question 5: Mersenne is remembered today thanks to his association with the ________.
Perfect numberFermat numberMersenne primePrime number

Question 6: He was educated at ________ and at the Jesuit College of La Flèche.
Aubigné-RacanLe MansMulsanneAncinnes

Question 7: It was written as a commentary on the ________ and comprises uneven sections headed by verses from the first three chapters of that book.
Book of EnochBook of GenesisBiblePsalms

Question 8: Whilst allowing for a mystical interpretation of the Cabala, he wholeheartedly condemned its magical application - particularly to ________.
JesusArchangelMichael (archangel)Angel

Question 9: Between 1614 and 1618, he taught theology and philosophy at Nevers, but he returned to ________ and settled at the convent of L'Annonciade in 1620.
VersaillesParisÉvry, EssonneMarseille

Question 10: He also performed extensive experiments to determine the acceleration of falling objects by comparing them with the swing of ________, reported in his Cogitata Physico-Mathematica in 1644.
Pendulum clockKater's pendulumEscapementPendulum

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